NES Industrial Rehabilitation and Assessment Center (NES-IRAC)

Industrial RehabilitationThe NES Industrial Rehabilitation and Assessment Center offers businesses a multidisciplinary approach to treatment of their employees including industrial rehabilitation, physical therapy and occupational therapy. Our industrial therapists have over 20 years of experience providing care to injured workers. The team members in the NES-IRAC work closely with employers, physicians and case workers to return the employee to the workplace as quickly as possible. Since 2004, Northeast Evaluation Specialists has worked with thousands of injured workers in Northern New England and our new Industrial Rehabilitation and Assessment Center is an exciting extension of that work and is specifically designed to have the largest impact on return to work efforts.

Employers and Insurers can contract with the NES Industrial Rehabilitation and Assessment Center to conduct the following services:

  • Work site assessments matching employee ability to work
  • Pre-work screens and fitness for duty evaluations ensure that a worker can meet the physical demands of a job.
  • Job demand analysis to quantify essential job functions.
  • Functional capacity evaluations to provide insight to baseline abilities or ability to safely return to work.

Industrial RehabilitationPhysicians and other professionals can refer someone to the IRC for the following services:

  • Functional conditioning for general strengthening in a goal-oriented treatment program designed to improve strength, endurance and flexibility.
  • Work hardening either in our facility or on-site to utilize transitional tasks to maximize potential for productivity.
  • Functional capacity evaluations to provide insight to overall abilities.
  • Body mechanics training designed to teach the fundamentals of body alignment to minimize the risk of continued or future injuries.
  • Job evaluations to identify physical demands of the job, and if needed, possible ergonomic modifications
  • Comprehensive physical and occupational therapy services
  • Actual work simulation activities to gauge return to work readiness
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations as initial, benchmark and discharge measures for return to work determination
  • Functional MET testing to determine functional endurance for return to work for patients with cardiac, pulmonary, or other endurance effecting Conditions
  • Adaptive Technology training for return to home and work modifications and adaptations


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